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Happy Karolina

Born and raised in Kraków, Poland, Karolina moved to Connecticut with her parents and dog Nala at the age of ten. Unsatisfied with boring suburb life, Karolina chased her dreams of living in New York City and attended The New School for her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She undertook many solo travels, conducted fieldwork in Asia, and studied abroad in Cyprus during her college career. She is now residing in Connecticut again until she figures out her next drastic move in life.


In her free time, Karolina likes to make strange announcements on the subway, parade clad in glitter and unmatching attire, and buy shiny things from the Dollar Store. She is exquisitely messy and is passionate about sex education and social justice. Karolina’s work showcases her deep affection for colors and texture. She uses color to energize others and brighten everyday life. Her mediums of choice are acrylics and watercolors.


While taking classes at Parsons School of Design, she also discovered a newfound love for working with metal (and condoms! and fake flowers!).


Much of her work focuses on sexuality and body image, while some constitutes places and memories of love. Some shows objects of desire and some is created for the sole purpose of radiance.

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