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Activity grrl. Watercolor.
City Love. Watercolor.
Time l City Rush. Watercolor.
Self pleasure. Acrylic.
Woman. Acrylic.
Wroclaw. Acrylic.
Power. Watercolor.
Jerusalem. Dry pastel and acrylic.
Childhood. Mixed media.
Salt Woods. Watercolor & salt.
Podworko. Acrylic.
Still Life. Acrylic- finger painted.
Kosciol Mariacki. Acrylic.
Na Wawelu. Acrylic.
Show Me Your Teeth. Watercolor.
Katerina's Studio. Acrylic.
Falling in love with Nicosia- Pastel
Lantern. Charcoal.
Full moon. Acrylic and glitter.
Branches. Charcoal.
Dancers. Acrylic.
Untitled. Oil on paper.
Chicago. Charcoal.
Hello Kitty. Watercolor and salt.
Parenthood. Watercolor.
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